What Makes SMR Different:

1.  The SMR Course Pathway:  courses in Grade 12 are based on university entrance requires that match careers.  Students only need to take courses relevant to their career goals.  For more information, please click on the image below:

2.  Power Your Future - Earn a credit before starting high school:  SMR Students earn a credit before entering high school through the Power Your Future program, a 1-month free summer camp program that helps students get ready for the academic rigors of high school while making friends with their future classmates in Grade 9.

3.  No Entrance Test:  Applying to the SMR program is free!  Students are admitted based on applications and there is no entrance test.

4.  University of Toronto Rotman Business Leadership iThink Program:  all SMR grads have the opportunity to take this special certificate program in Grade 12 to help them become the innovators of tomorrow.

5.  Career Driven Course Selection:  SMR students select courses optimized towards specific careers (if they have a passion for one), or they can take a general mix if they are still discovering a career.  For instance, a student going into medical school will be given all the maths and sciences they need, but a student going into mechanical engineering only takes courses relevant to that career for university entrance.  As another example: a student interested in business does not need to take enriched biology, unless they really want to, but to be an SMR student, they will be taking the Rotman Business Leadership iThink Course.

6. Enriched Means More Interesting: SMR is about enriching the program to help students do their best. Enrichment means hands-on and the ability to explore an interest and develop a passion and career goals.  It does not mean a course should be faster or harder.  Enrichment is there to stimulate our learners, not punish them for trying to challenge themselves.  In Grade 12, students are able to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses to further their enrichment.

7.  Authentic Engineering:  National award-winning engineering teacher Mr Kee who has a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering and worked as a project manager in the automotive industry directs the engineering program.  Learn real life engineering from someone who has worked as an engineer and sent many students to the top engineering schools in the country!  Students gain access to a network of engineering students and professionals for mentorship and jobs!

8.  Advanced Robotics:  Arduino, Lilypad, Vex, Lego and more!  SMR has more of these robotics resources than any school in Toronto.

9. True STEM Integration: Get a science mark in tech!  Get a math mark in science!  SMR classes have advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) integration meaning that courses are coordinated so that any overlap helps to integrate topics from other courses.  Learning about Mars in Science?  You'll get science marks for applying that knowledge in Tech when you build a Mars rover that week!  This is the revolutionary program that is currently being studied by local and global educators!

10. Flexibility:  Not sure what you want to do?  SMR's curriculum is flexible enough to allow you to make choices in Grade 11 to shift into a non-science or non-engineering field without leaving SMR!  This way students can follow their passion.

11. Maximizing The High School Experience:  Upon graduation, it is possible for an SMR student to earn multiple certificate honors:  SMR Certificate, Rotman iThink Certificate, SHSM Certificate (Specialist High Skills Major), and a Coop Certificate are all available.

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