Enriched Sciences

The SMR Program is one of the only specialized programs that allow students to take an accelerated science stream.

Grade 9 Science:
SNC1D3 - SMR Grade 9 Science


SNC2D3 - SMR Grade 10 Science

SMR students take Grade 10 Science in the 2nd semester, putting them ahead of regular and enriched programs.

Grade 10 Science:

SES4U3 - SMR Grade 12 Earth Space Science **this offering is unique to SMR, as Grade 10 students may take a Grade 12 course 2 years early due to our accelerated course stream!



Grade 11/12:
In Grades 11 and 12, students may choose science courses based on interest and career paths.  The options include:

  • Advanced Placement Chemistry (Grade 11 Pre-AP Chemistry, Grade 12 AP Chemistry) or Academic Level Chemistry (Grade 11 Chemistry and Grade 12 University Chemistry)
  • Biology (Grade 11 Biology and Grade 12 University Biology)
  • Physics (Grade 11 Physics and Grade 12 University Physics)

In 2015, JPCI will unveil the new DNA Analysis lab which well give students a new practical and hands-on activity to enhance learning.

In 2014, JPCI began involvement with The Hospital for Sick Kids in downtown Toronto.  Students in Biology class will enjoy a field trip to meet researchers, and explore medical careers.  JPCI is also qualified to be part of the special Sick Kids medical workshop, where doctors help explain to students what they need to do in order to become a doctor.  Students also have access to one of the leading cancer research facilities in the new Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning where a lot of research for Sick Kids is taking place.  They will have the opportunity to talk to PhD researchers and graduate students to gain further mentorship in the possibilities of a science career.


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