Leaders in Education - Sharing Our Knowledge With Others

As experts in our field of technological education, SMR program staff and students have been actively educating other schools and organizations on what we do in our classrooms.

We have trained and advised the entire Toronto District School Board's STEM department and Model Schools on Arduino, provided specifications and lessons for it's widespread use, plus training workshops for staff and we are an ongoing demonstration site for Arduino and STEM applications in the classroom.

We have shared our technology program with the following schools:

  • Dunlace Public School
  • Denlow Public School
  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School
  • Glenview Middle School
  • Glen Park Public School
  • Armour Heights Elementary School
  • Blythwood Elementary School
  • Bessborough Elementary and Middle School
  • Princess Margaret Junior School
  • Milne Valley Middle School
  • George Harvey Collegiate Institute
  • Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute

We have been guest panelists at conventions where we also run popular workshops to teach the public about robotics, wearables and more.  Some places we have held workshops include these popular venues:

In the SMR program we believe in sharing our expertise with all students and embracing the spirit of the Maker movement. Education for all!

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