Applying to SMR:

Applying to SMR is free!  It DOES NOT count towards your specialized program applications and you can ALWAYS apply to SMR.

Entry will be based on Grade 8 marks plus the student's answers to the questions in the application.  The questions demonstrate a student's creativity, ingenuity, and work ethic.

Applications are reviewed by the principal and the head of the SMR program.

The application will consist of:

  1. Optional Attendance Sheet
  2. Course Selection Form PAGE 1
  3. Course Selection Form PAGE 2
  4. Student Registration Form
  5. Copy of your Grade 7 Final Report Card
  6. Copy of your most recent Grade 8 Report Card
  7. Resume (optional).  This is a chance to tell us about your interests and extra-curriculars if you wish.  It will not be held against you if you do not submit one.

Note on the updated resume request:  This is not mandatory, but only to give your child a chance to express their participation in extra-curricular activities and volunteer work in order to give us the full picture of the student.


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