Science, Math and Robotics (SMR)

The Science, Mathematics and Robotics program at JPCI is an enriched program focusing on math, science and technology for the purpose of challenging students and developing career paths in those fields.  Character development is a core part of the SMR program.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to help students find their passion, develop goals in life and be successful beyond high school through enriched learning experiences in science, math and technology.  We aim to create innovators, and leaders who will help change the world.

Our Students

Our students are educated and developed to understand that school is more than just something they do out of habit.  SMR students are self-motivated, goal-driven and have purpose. They understand that they choose to come to school every day because they are shaping their own future.  They come to school to make their dreams a reality.

Our Culture

SMR student culture is unique within the school.  Students work together to achieve the common goal of doing their best.  Our culture despises mediocrity, pride and entitlement.  Our students understand that to be successful, you must be competitive, network well and plan ahead.

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