Earlier this year, JPCI received its recognition for qualifying as a Gold certified EcoSchool.  On the report, were several highlights which included the following comments:

1. Great job on building student membership this year by providing opportunities and time to build teamwork. During the presentation, the EcoTeam expressed their interest in attending Kick Off, Etobicoke Field Studies Centre and Evergreen (to learn about watersheds), where the school has supported students and teachers to attend.

2. The school’s campaign on Lug-a-Mug is a catchy campaign to encourage your students to bring a mug for hot chocolate. This is a great initiative to spark students’ behavioural change of reusable cups/mugs and is evident throughout the year as an increase was noted by the school for students bringing their own cups. As well, it is great to hear the collaboration among the teachers to donate extra mugs for the lug-a-mug campaign!

3. Your focus on green bin this year has been off to a good start. By placing green bins in the family studies room, lunch room, cafeteria service area, and main hall way to collect food waste was a successful launch. It was also great to learn that you are encouraging the Professional Development area to join on your green bin initiative.

4. Congratulations on winning the SAGE National competition! Your Stock Market initiative about your CSA garden in the Social Entrepreneurship Business category is a testimony of your passion for the community and the environment. Good luck in Korea for the international competition! 

Congrats to our school's EcoTeam for the new certification and we look forward to even more great ways to help make JPCI more environmental!

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