Tech @ JPCI

At JPCI we offer a wide range of technology courses.

Students can choose various courses to develop a passion for technology and investigate possible careers.

In 2013 we opened our new auto shop.  JPCI is one of the few schools in Toronto that has an active autoshop, teaching students about the function and repair of engines.

Students will can enter a special program which will help them earn their G1 while getting a high school credit!

In 2012, head tech teacher Mr Mohammed received a $25,000 Future Shop grant to upgrade the computer labs.

He created a top notch computer science program and media courses that use Macs for video editing and green screen for special effects.

It also serves as an audio recording studio and students enjoy using the latest technology in his classroom while learning skills for the future!

Mr Willms is JPCI's newest addition and brings his experience running an architecture business to our Design Technology Courses.

Students will learn how to design buildings, build models and make Vex robots!  There are few teachers that were working architects, and JPCI has one of them!


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