Science Department

JPCI provides a wide range of science courses for students to complete their prerequisites for university programs such as engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and more.

Grade 9: Academic and Applied Level

Grade 10: Academic and Applied Level

College Level Course Offerings:

Biology: Grade 11

Chemistry: Grade 12

University Level Course Offerings:

Biology: Grade 11 and 12

Chemistry: Grade 11 and 12

Physics: Grade 11 and 12

Enriched Courses (SMR):
Grade 9 Science

Grade 10 Science

Grade 11 Biology

Science Department

Mr Vernon Kee - ACL Science/SMR Program/Grade 9 Guidance

Ms Abrahams

Ms Anthony

Dr Kahan (PhD Biochemistry)

Ms Lam

Mr Law

Dr Lim (PhD Engineering)

Ms Raifee

Dr Rehman (PhD Physics)


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