The English curriculum at JPCI balances the reading, writing, oral communication, and media studies strands, and uses texts of a variety of forms from a variety of times and places, to develop the communication and analytical skills of all students. Please see the PDF attachment for more details.

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 JPCI French Program

Do you love French? Do you hate it? Regardless of your previous experiences with the language, you’ll find something to pique your interest in JPCI’s French programme. With a primary focus on communication in the real world, JPCI French moves away from memorizing grammar rules and conjugating verb tables. Students will explore French music, food, cinema and literature as well as learning practical conversation skills. JPCI offers courses in Core French through the Academic-University stream, as well as the unique opportunity to study in the Applied-College stream. Bienvenue à la classe de français!

English Department

Mr. Abarbanel - ACL English, AP English leader
Mr. Goutovets
Mr. Johnson
Ms. Kimmel
Ms. Posner
Ms. Rocchio
Ms. Warring Bird (French)
Ms. Zammit

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