The Arts

We offer a wide variety of different arts courses for our students to explore their creative side.  Everything from ceramics, to dance and drama are available. 

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Check out our 2013 Remembrance Day dance video:

Visual Arts:  

Visual Arts is a course for those students who want to explore a variety of ways to create art work.  Students  create drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and mix-media pieces.   Students also explore Art History and develop an understanding of how to write about art. 



In this Grade 11/12 course we use digital cameras to learn to take better photos. We use excursions on school property, field trips and taking pictures at home to document our environment and photo manipulation in Photoshop to produce creative images. We explore traditional photography using our school darkroom.



This Grade 11/12 course is where the school yearbook is created.  Students will learn everything from photography to how to layout material for print production.

Film & Video:  

Film & Video is offered to senior Arts students who want to explore all the creative possibilities of using a video camera and editing software.  Students create projects such as animation, documentary films, and short films.  Students also learn about the history of film and techniques used by film makers to make their movie magic.  This course uses hardware that was sponsored by the Future Shop $25,000 technology grant!


 At JPCI ceramics is offered as a grade 11/12 M credit. In this course we work with clay and learn techniques for hand building by making projects such as fish, birds and vases. We also make ceramic tiles and have done a mural for the wall of the front hall of the school. we hope to make another wall mural this year.



Dance and Drama: 

Dance is the perfect course for the student who wants to learn more about a variety of dance forms.  Students develop skills in areas such as Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Multicultural dances and partnered dances such as Swing or Salsa.  Students also learn about the history of Dance, how to take care of a dancer’s body and also how to appreciate and write about Dance performances.  JPCI has a newly installed professional dance studio!

Check out the dance video from the 2014 Arts Nite:

Check out the 2014 Remembrance Day dance piece here:



Music Band: 

Students learn to play or improve their skills on band instruments with an emphasis on performing music from a variety of popular styles such as pop, reggae, rock and salsa. Instruments include steel pan, keyboard, guitar, and band instruments such as flute, trumpet and saxophone. students have an opportunity to perform at assemblies and other events.  John Polanyi is one of the few schools in the TDSB with a full steel pan band.  Students will get to learn how to use this amazing instrument and perform as part of JCPI's Steel Pan Band!


Music Guitar: 

Classical guitar is an instrument specialty at JPCI.  In Guitar the focus is on individual and group work using acoustic guitars playing music from diverse styles. 


Music Vocal:

In Vocal students focus on individual, small group and choir performance  of a  variety of music-with an emphasis on contemporary styles of music.



Drama at JPCI is a diversified program aimed to boost teamwork, self-confidence, and students' presentation skills. So, whether you love the stage or just have an interest in theatre arts, JPCI drama would be the perfect fit for you.


Art Department

Ms. Brittain - ACL Arts Department, Dance and Visual Arts

Ms. Sutton - Visual Arts and Drama

Mr. Lau - Drama

Ms. Gordon - Visual Arts, Photography, Ceramics, Yearbook and Digital Media

Mr. Beloglazovs - Music (Band, Vocal and Guitar)

Mr. Mohamed - Film and Video

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