JPCI competes within the North-West Region of the TDSB.  

Sports run through all three seaons:  Fall, Winter and Spring.

We have a newly renovated gym and a 5-lane pool.

Students are free to try-out for any team they wish!  Extra-curricular sport activities help keep students healthy and teach them about how to work hard and be competitive!

Our sport teams include:

  • Spring Sports

    Rugby                                                 Mr. Harvey, Ms. Abrahams

    Track and Field                       Mr. Sura, Ms. Anthony, Mr. Mirikozani

    Girls Outdoor Soccer             Coach TBD

    Boys Cricket                           Mr. Pancham, Ms. Burnie

    Girls Cricket                            Mr. Pancham, Ms. Burnie

    Winter Sports

    Swim Team                             Mr. Harvey, Lifeguard

    Badminton                             Ms. Lam, Ms. Burnie

    Junior Girls Volleyball                       Mr. Kee, Ms. Burnie

    Senior Girls Volleyball           Mr. Kee, Ms. Burnie

    Junior Boys Basketbal           Mr. Barton

    Senior Boys Basketball          Coach TBD

    Varsity Boys Indoor Soccer  Mr. Bylykbashi, Mr. Mohamed

    Archery                                   Mr. Kee

    Fall Sports

    Senior Girls Basketball          Mr. Harvey, Ms. Zammit       

    Junior Girls Basketball           Ms. Burnie

    Cross Country                                    Ms. Norman, Mr. Sura

    Junior Boys Volleyball           Ms. Carr

    Junior Boys Outdoor Soccer             Mr. Barton, Mr. Bylykbashi

    Senior Boys Outdoor Soccer            Mr. Bylykbashi, Mr. Mohamed


We also have special programs during certain seasons like:

  • snowboarding
  • mountain biking


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