In 2015, JPCI entered the Toronto Science Fair for the first time ever.  We fielded a total of 5 projects from Grade 9 and 10 SMR students, and two of them came away with awards.

Grade 9 SMR student Dylan won the Gold medal for his project on analyzing the air producing capabilities of plants.

Grade 10 SMR students Mauli and Samin won a Silver medal for their project on police blood analysis.

This was a huge achievement for the SMR program and the school as our first Science Fair yielded huge results.  Look for us to come back in full force to the next Toronto Science Fair and beyond!

In 2016, JPCI entered for the 2nd time and came away for more awards:

Grade 9 SMR student Nathan won a Gold medal for his project analyzing the effects of addiction on regenerative animals

Grade 11 SMR students Kam and Shaz won the cash prize from Life Labs for their 3D Printer.

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